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Here I am

2013-01-28 22:21:50 by Macrofarad

Pretty sure no one knows me here but to those reading this, Hello.

Long ago in a land far far away, I used to have a newgrounds account, I also used to post a few of my compositions and arrangements on it. Since then I've lost it and have no real desire to recover it. So this day I start anew.

All music on this profile is done by hand, whether that means scoring, rearranging, or actually playing the instruments themselves depends on the piece and how bored I am at the time of making it.

Playing instruments
Vocals (Bass-tenor, tuvan, or voice acting)
Mastering audio
Live Sound (I started doing live sound at 10yo, I'm now in my twenties though I no longer do it as often)
Arrangement (Midi, mash-ups, I just like playing with sound to make it sound good)
Electronics Engineering Degree
Quantum Programming
Can cook a mean chowder

Reason 6.something
Various Neural Nets

various instruments
Sound card with XLR input
Whatever i decide to build each day (you'd be amazed what a 555 can do)

What I do when I'm not here (most of the time):
Nerd stuffs

That's the run down, have fun,